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Technology, technology, technology…… we see it everywhere, we use it everywhere but do we use it effectively or do we use it in language teaching effectively? I think this course will give us the best answer.

Firstly, I want to say that I had no concern about the course when I saw name of the course on until first lesson. When I looked at syllabus, I started to be worry about it because we are expected to be responsible for a lot of things (creating a blog, using wiki etc) and this means that we have to allocate so much time for this course. It is not like other course that we study on last day.

First responsibility for this course is creating blog. I and my friends Rabia and Zeynep created our blogs. We learned a lot of things about blog although we have difficulty in creating our blogs.

Consequently, when we will become teacher, there will be a lot of students grown up with technology in our classes. If we want to be good teacher, we should keep up with technology.